A common thing I hear is that a person is 20-25 pounds overweight, that they eat properly, kill themselves in the gym and no matter what… just can’t lose weight or get their abs to come in.

This is usually followed by how large genetics run in their families and if I have any tips to help them lose weight.

Occasionally, and I think it would more frequently follow the first question if people thought they could ask two questions instead of one, I get, “How do you get over a mental block and get more motivated?”.

Sometimes I think people just need to reread what they write for the answer to their own questions. The answer to question one is, figure out the answer to question two. The reason your not getting results in the gym is because you are not applying yourself no matter how hard to try to fool yourself. The statement about motivation tells me this!

If you know you can lift more, do more reps and go harder but instead you just let yourself quit and give up, then you’re not really trying. This makes the “how to get better results” question a moot point. You’re not trying so you don’t need better techniques. You need better application.

So how do you get motivated? Now that is a tough question. What I have found to be true is that you will only be motivated to do something when either:

A) You enjoy the process so much that the goal is secondary.
B) You are so passionate about achieving the goal itself that you will pay any price to attain it.
C) Not achieving the goal will put you in a situation that is so uncomfortable or bad that paying any price is worth no ending up in that place, outcome or situation.

If you have not reached one of these positions above then you are in a place of simply intending or wanting what you are after. You are intending without the real kicker of being able to put it into full action because in reality, at this point, you really don’t care enough.

The goal simply is not that important to you.

So what do you do from here then? Well, you find your solution to the three situations above.

Option one. You find a path in fitness that is so enjoyable to you that you would do it not matter what and then just let the results happen. Option two is to make that goal or outcome so juicy that you can taste it and would walk on fire to attain it. Option three is negative programming and you need to think about how bad things are or will be if you don’t get your butt in gear.

I personally never do anything I don’t want to. So I go for option one in all areas of my life. I just can’t sustain it for the long haul. So I would search and search until I found a fitness activity that fulfilled all my requirements of progressive resistance and a cardiovascular component and then get after it and watch the results come.

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