human genome
by quapan

A 30 year old adult’s brain is said to weigh on an average about 50 oz. As he grows older, approaching 60, the weight is reported to fall off. On the other hand there are animals with much bigger brains. Those of elephants go up to 264 oz, of blue whales up to 240 oz and of sperm whales up to 320 oz.

Even in humans there are great variations in brain size. The brain alone is not a human intellect. For our brain is practically identical to animal brains, but animals have no intellect, do they?

No more appropriate description of the power of intellect is known to me than that by Louis Binstock in his book: The Power of Faith. He writes “the mind is a tool . . . it possesses miraculous might . . . You can carry with you always the faith that it does, because the history of man brings to bear irrefutable evidence of that truth.”

It is the possession of this very tool, the intellect, that has enabled man to be a “partner of God” in the work of creation; that has raised man to a point just a little lower than the angels and placed all things, including all other animals, under his foot. It has drilled its way into the earth’s most precious treasures; has drawn out of the depths of the sea rich hauls of valuables; has wrested from the skies many of its hidden secrets and placed them all in the hands of man.

Man, using his intellect, solved thousands of his problems and found the answer to thousands of questions that emerged during his existence on Earth. It is man’s intellect that has made it possible for him to fashion our present civilization.

In fact the intellect or, in brief, the mind is the originating and determining influence of all we do and all we are. It gives real value to human life and makes it so vastly different from that of animals. – Psychology related articles and news.