I had a dream last night that, for some reason, really touched me. I will attempt to tell you the dream and the Golden Rule lesson it taught me.

I was at the end of a youth sports event when I saw a young man and his father loading up in their vehicle. The boy saw a friend across the road and asked his Dad if he could say Hi. His father replied with an absolute “NO!” Then exclaimed “What would your Mother do if she found out you talked to that boy, after what his family has done to us?”

I further observed the boy across the street look towards his friend but did not venture any gesture of acknowledgment.

Now I know this was a dream, so it was not real, but in this dream I knew both boys and both families. I did not know what action had created such a disdain for each other that the boys could not be friends. After the dream my mind kept going on about this. . . . .

What was the lesson this Father and Mother were teaching those boys? Both boys! I became sad in my heart. I decided, for me, that I am going to be more aware of what I say and do that teaches my kids to learn NOT to hate, even towards those who have been set “against” us.

Teams or schools are chosen to do battle on the field but we all belong to the family of humanity. Countries and races can be different and have cultural differences, but the Human Race is the same. Friends and families can get into “feuds” over the simplest things but we all share a commonality that should over come all of these things. We belong to the same “FAMILY” and we can unite this blood with one thing, LOVE!

Live The Golden Rule, Do Unto Others in your own life and in teaching those around you, especially children.

Randy J Bradley