I often wonder how many people would decide to visit any of the hunger and pain stricken cities of Africa, instead of going to the Caribbean or any other beautiful place for their vacations.-

Nobody wants to see, feel and confront the horrible truth that is destroying the lives of millions.-

Misery, hunger, poverty, sickness and fatalities,- is something you try to avoid above all things.- You watch it on T.V., and read it in the newspapers, but latter try to dismiss it from your mind.- Too “Depressing”.-!!!


More that 590,00 persons, including children have already died in a period of one year in Kwazule – Natal, South Africa, due to HIV, Tuberculosis, influenza, pneumonia, intestinal infectious diseases and hunger.-

This number is followed by Guateng and the Northern Cape – Limpopo, where the number of deaths is 200,000 and raising.- 65% of deaths related to HIV and AIDS.-

In some other cities, like Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Mozambique,- the number of deaths is estimated at 800 per day. That is 288,000 a year.-

This implies that around 5.5 million of South Africans are living with H.I.V., including 250,000 children under 13 years old.

There are 825 “MILLIONS” of hunger stricken people worldwide, as a result of oppression poverty, lack of drinkable water and many other factors.

Africa, Asia, India, Afghanistan, parts of the Middle East, North Korea, Ethiopia, Central and South America, Haiti.- Among the most food and water stricken countries: Mozambique,- Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi (All in South Africa).-

From 30 to 40 MILLION People in Sub-Saharan Africa (Kikuyu, Nairobi, Kenya).- Are suffering and will probably die,- due to Poverty, thirst, hunger, diseases and AIDS.-

More than 1 “BILLION” PEOPLE WORLD WIDE, including children “ARE” chronically dying of hunger, lack of medications, medical attention, drinkable water.-

Every year, 13 to 18 MILLION PEOPLE die as a result of hunger and illnesses.- That is 24 human beings “EVERY MINUTE”–, 18 of whom are children under 5 years of age.- The majority in AFRICA.

More people have died from hunger and other diseases, than all those who were killed in World War ONE and World War Two. (Combined).-

The number of people who die EVERY DAY is equivalent to the number of those who were killed instantly by the Hiroshima Bomb, and the worst earthquake in modern history (500,000), in China in 1976.

The numbers are “STAGGERING”,- SO IMMENSE that nothing can describe the situation of poverty and desperation of these countries.

To make matters worse,– in AFRICA,-there is a prolonged drought that has withered harvests of the small amounts of produce they were trying to grow – Specially South Africa: Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

But even if the rainy season produces crop, it doesn’t do much good if there is no one to harvest it .- Most of them are either dead or dying,-

The help of The Red Cross and other organizations in Africa, is like a drop of water in the Sahara Dessert.- Other sources like United Nations, Community Food Bank (CFB), UNICEF,- provide food, medicines or money, which are confiscated by the corrupt government of these countries for their own pockets and personal benefit.-

The Holocaust in Germany, as horrible and insane as it was,- can not compare to the horrifying situation of these people. At least, the Holocaust had an end.- I do not see an end for the terrible situation of these “BILLIONS” of people.

This, specially in Africa, is a “GENOCIDE”, and there are many who must be held responsible for this horror.- Starting with the many corrupt governments of these forgotten countries.-

And PLEASE, DO NOT BLAME GOD for this terrible situation.- He gave us brains, hands, eyes, and ears, but it is up to us what we do or how we act in THE NAME OF HUMANITY.-

To think that OUR PETS live better than these poor human beings,- simply makes my mind spin.-They eat and have fresh water every day. We take them to the veterinarian for a simple injury or illness.-

Some people leave millions of dollars, after their deaths, just for the future care of their pets.

Others spend Millions on houses or apartments, jewelry, Cars,-without thinking, for one single second, of going to one of these countries and helping a family.-

With just $ 5,000.00 US Dollars, they could save the lives of 50 children – As long as the money goes directly to the families, not through any government. —

Just think how many families and children could be saved with only
one million dollars, which is just “pocket money” for these Billionaires.


Lets pray that more people open their hearts in trying to help these human beings,- that after all,- ARE AND WILL ALWAYS BE OUR BROTHERS, IN THE EYES OF OUR LORD.

Eva de la Torriente Diaz June 7, 2008