Humanity Clothing considered as a group- wearing apparel or a covering. Humanity Clothing includes coverings for the trunk and limbs as well as coverings for hands, feet and head .The primary purpose of clothing is functional, as a protection from the elements. Clothing has become an integral part of self-realization of every person. It is no longer just an “external shield” and a frivolous attitude towards it may cause losing a very important physical, psychological and social aspect of a person’s life.

Clothes also enhance safety during hazardous activities such as hiking and cooking, by providing a barrier between the skin and the environment. Clothing protects the body; it also delivers social messages to other humans. Clothing performs a range of social and cultural functions, such as individual, occupational and sexual differentiation, and social status. There is a prevailing belief that a person’s clothing indicates his or her social position and relative success. The majority of people tend to fall into three categories of clothing styles. These styles are business, business casual, and trendy.

The type of clothing completely depends on the person who is wearing it; therefore it becomes a reflection of his perception of himself, which leads us to the term – personal identity. A man never gets a second chance to make a first impression. Therefore, what he wears speaks volume about his station in life. The business world is competitive even in the style of dress. The well dressed man is usually the focus of attention because he presents an image that is confident and professional. As a standard men will wear dark suits and coordinating ties. Wearing of a tie is a symbol of respectability and responsibility.

Nowadays clothing is not an attribute of belonging to a clan, or to a restrained social level though it still can tell a lot about the financial status of a person. Clothing is a fundamental part in the image of a contemporary man or a woman. The image is constructed for various reasons and has various manifestations. Humanity Clothing includes a lot type of clothes like jeans, t-shirts, shirts, skirts, suits, trousers for the ladies, men and teenagers to wear for any function such as for office staff and other event like for dinner, farewell, anniversary etc.

Humanity Clothing can influence people behaviors. Types of clothes can be implied for the social status of people. A person in the different social status behaves differently because of their childhood and societies. For instance, the king and his families always wear glamorous clothes while the poor wear dirty clothes. We can see the different behaviors of the two groups accordingly. People act differently when they wear different types of clothes because of the social status and social manners. Since people need to live in societies, they have to follow the social traditions whether they prefer or not.So,Clothing is a very keen tool of manipulation while communicating besides its importance in social class, culture and gender relations of people.

Humanity Clothing considered as a group- wearing apparel or a covering.Humanity Clothing includes coverings for the trunk and limbs as well as coverings for hands, feet  and head .Clothing protects the body, it also delivers social messages to other humans.To know more visit: