Interested in the human genome project? Read our guide for facts and info on the multi billion dollar project…

There are about 35000 human genes which had to be mapped out under the project. The mapping out of these genes would be a great source of benefit for further biological studies. Along with this effort the project also entailed the studying of the genetic makeup of all organisms found in the human body.

The multi-billion-dollar research project has finally been able to produce satisfactory results after thirteen long years. The initial drafts of the human genome sequence in its entirety were made public in 2000. By the next year the true nature and the complexity of the inherent digital DNA code was presented by associated scientists.

The results of the research clearly established as a fact that the human DNA molecule is made up of 35000 genes and has approximately three billion chemical basis that are arranged in a particular sequence. The extensive research churned out so much information that it is said that volumes of books can be written on E.coli alone, which is a single celled bacterium. Analyzing the results have truly brought to light the scientific miracles of the DNA structure and has forced the best of scientists to appreciate its complexities. The DNA was first discovered at its most basic level by James Watson and Francis Crick in 1953.

The Human Genome Project is going to have a profound effect on the future. Scientists have now realized that the genetic manipulation possibilities are many and can be used in many ways to our advantage. However this powerful discovery has also opened many avenues for scientific abuse. In fact it may even have a profound effect on the beliefs and psychology of individuals.

In the world of genetic engineering our DNA structure defines who we are. However the majority of people believe they have a soul inside the body. The results of the Human Genome Project have in some ways given justification to the atheists and agnostics. However it should be kept in mind that some of the leading scientists in these experiments were actually Christians.

There is no doubt about the fact that the Human Genome Project is a monstrous undertaking. However history shows us that scientific knowledge without spiritual guidance often leads to the doom of mankind. Nonetheless the obtained information has been safely stored in massive databases. Tools for analysis are also being improved concurrently. The project also entails that the related technologies will be transferred to the private sector. It is also a mission objective of the Human Genome Project to take all legal, social and ethical issues associated with the nature of the project into consideration.