Recently I was watching a very interesting episode on the Nat Geo Society channel with my son. It was about the most venomous or ‘poisonous’ creatures in the world. They showed the most deadliest spider, starfish and snake on the planet. What we saw was how these creatures posed threat not only to other species that entered their comfort zones, but also their own types that interfered or disrespected their boundaries.

I couldn’t help identifying these rather ‘shameful’ traits with, well, human instincts! I know, I know, sounds horrible, but by the time you get to the end of this article, you’ll be nodding in agreement.

Ever noticed how pleasant you are to those that you get on very well with. They absolutely love you, like your company and speak highly of you. But wait till you fall out with these very people, and then see what they say about You and how wicked You, get with them – too!

Ever wondered why that is? Read on

You see, what happens here is this: Like animals, we have instincts too – survival instincts. Our subconscious is set at ‘protecting’ us. So whenever we are faced with a ‘threatening’ or bitter situation, our subconscious mind sets in to ‘protect’ us, and hence we do anything to protect ourselves. We defend our actions and ‘justify ‘our motives – and almost every time prove ourselves to be right! We say things that can be unbelievable even to our own ears. Things we never comprehended we could think, let alone say, we say!! In some cases, we go to the extent of planning certain actions or series of events to hurt our (new)enemy, that we surprise ourselves.

We’ve given our poisons or venoms different names depending on the intensity of effect. These are Anger, hatred, bitterness, jealousy and grudge, popularly known as ‘feelings’. These are the forms of human poisons. However, most of the times these harm the beholder more than the person they are aimed at!

So how does this compare to the animals that ‘sting’, ‘inject’ or ‘bite’ poison into their victims? Well, the answer is simple: our words and actions (violent & physical )that originate from the above feelings of anger, hatred, bitterness, jealously and grudge – hurt the person they are aimed at, so deeply that it leaves the victim crying in pain and leaves them joyless for days. In extreme cases, we hear of heart attack in victims following bitter arguments.

I can go on giving evidence of how similar we are to venomous animals. Animals as graceful as giraffes were shown fighting ruthlessly over a female giraffe! Do I really need to give examples of boy gangs and girl gangs turning against their own friends over love or lust?!

What we don’t hear of in animals, (and that may just be a matter of time), is the effect of these poisons in the carrying animal. In humans, we now have scientific evidence which show that these strong feelings of anger, hatred, anxiety etc cause certain acidic secretions in the body which often lead to illnesses such as depression, ulcers and migraines. In extreme cases though these result in cancers and other terminal diseases.

Good news is, that intelligent as we humans are, we can actually turn these situations around for ourselves. Humans have the power to change, to heal and to create. But that is a whole new chapter and I’ll be revealing those to you over the coming weeks. In the meantime, here’s what I found worth missing Eastenders for!!