The human brain is a mysterious and almost uncharted realm. Despite the many technological advances and discoveries human beings have made, the human brain is still a mystifying entity. It is the most complex of most organs, the most powerful among them, as well. So many questions regarding the human brain are still left unanswered. We sometimes underestimate the power of the human brain, of the many potentials and capabilities it can do. Human brain power is almost impossible to describe and discern. What is it really, and how important is it to human beings?

Brain power is the source of a person’s intelligence, talents and potentials which is hardwired into one’s brain. It has the power to do millions of things: it has the power to learn a language, perceive right from wrong, assess beauty and remember thousands of things all at the same time.

How powerful is human brain power really? It is almost impossible to answer that question, but the closest estimation may be that of a supercomputer. The performance measure of the brain goes up to millions of suspended point operations per second. Certainly computers can do faster computation and mathematics than humans, but this does not make them any more superior to the human brain. For starters, the computer brain is mainly computational and operational, which acts on a task that they were programmed for. The human brain is cognitive, built primarily for the purpose of learning. In terms of other factors such as psychology and physiology, no one does it better than the human brain. Of course, brain power varies from person to person.

There are a lucky few who are blessed with supernatural memory and extraordinary intellectual abilities. True, there are some who are born with superior intellectual abilities, but it doesn’t mean that the rest of the human population cannot develop or awaken one’s brain potential. Superior brain power does not depend on one’s brain structure, inheritance of intellect from parents, or more. Rather, it is on learning how to tap your brain’s unlimited potential and capabilities into activation or dormancy.

Most people assume that human brain power decreases and wanes as one gets older. They just assume that this ‘weakness’ of brain power is a natural part of aging, but this isn’t exactly the case. There are many ways to keep your brain alert and sharp even at a much older age. Fend off forgetfulness and memory loss by practicing simple brain techniques regularly. One technique to maintain brain power is to by learning a lot of things you previously do not know. Learn a new language, take up a new skill or hobby, and enroll yourself to a new course. By learning something new, your brain creates new neuron connections and stimulates the brain. Another technique is by challenging one’s mind. Keep your mind active by performing mental tasks everyday. If you want to improve on a talent or ability, repeat and practice over and over many times a day to strengthen one’s mind. Lastly, maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise to improve brain power.

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