The sedentary lifestyle has greatly contributed to the “Weight Gain” problem that currently plagues much of modern society. When talking about “Weight Loss”, medicine often associates it with a loss of fluids, loss of muscles mass or loss of fat and bone mass. The general public tends to think of “Weight Loss” as a way to reduce weight in general. Whichever way you define weight loss, there are only two ways to lose weight and maintain your health: either you become more active or you consume less (or both at the same time).

Before we look at ways to lose weight, let’s analyze factors that can keep you overweight:

1) Heredity – (if your parents were overweight you are prone to be also overweight);

2) Metabolism – (it is known that after 23 years old, metabolism tends to slow down each year, by and large);

3) Activity Level – the level of professional activity, the more active you are the more calories you will consume;

4) Neurotransmitters – affect your personality and behavior which might dictate your eating habits

5) Climate – because cold weather increases caloric consumption to maintain body temperature, that way it is natural that consuming more in the winter doesn’t necessarily reflects in increasing body weight.

Although these factors exist to keep you overweight, there are things within your control that will help you lose weight. One of them is to become more active. To become more active and increase your energy consumption, you should opt for engaging in regular aerobic sports, like walking, swimming, running. Why? Because there are no particular requirements to practice them, and they are fat burning exercises, so they tend to reduce your body fat and increase you body muscle mass.

Be aware that you must not over train, nor follow the wrong saying “no pain, no gain”, that way you prevent injuries that could compromise your health and ability to continue working out. So keep up with regular activity at least three times per week, although ideally you should exercise every day for at least 30-45 minutes. That way you will be maximizing your ability to burn calories. The added benefit of working out regularly is that is stimulates your endorphins, which will make you happier and more self confident.

Regular exercise also helps in preventing several minor and major health problems. Needless to say, before you engage in regular exercise, check with your doctor to see if you’re able to engage at that level.

The other way to control weight and reducing it, is to control your daily intake of food, being aware that you should never consume less than 1400 calories which is the minimal level to maintain your body functions. You should consume less fat, because each gram of fat has a lot of calories (9 calories) but not restrain completely from consuming fat and you should consume less candies, ice-creams, cakes and so on (or in another way consume them in little quantities and just from time to time).

In conclusion, be patient, results do not appear immediately, make yourself a plan of regular physical activity and moderate your daily intake for fat and sugary foods; you should also eat frequently vegetables and fruits.

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