There is quite a bit of concern amongst the public over Genetically Modified Crops. Many say it is playing god with our food supply and we should not be messing with Mother Nature. Yet, we have been messing with Mother Nature for as long as human history has been written, probably longer. We have modified habits, crossed plant species and animals too.

Although much of what the anti-GM Food people say is at least bathed in some truth there are other things to consider. Namely the ability to grow crops more abundantly to feed the world, or resist pests meaning less pesticides or use less water in areas where severe droughts would prevent crops in some years, meaning lack of food supply too. We must keep an open mind here.

Eventually, as we unlock all the genetic code, these efforts will become common and safer, and if we never try we can never reach that potential eventuality. Recently, at a scientific conference I asked those who were upset with GM crops how many offspring they had, that the world now needs to feed. If they had more than two, it seems that their actions do not follow their words and thus, I think we might add that to the list of debate items.

Additionally, I enjoyed all the research papers and articles on the anti-GM Debate and appreciated the fact they were well articulated on the side of the debate that they had chosen to bring to light. And yet I would love to debate the other side that sometimes is not given credit, that side is all about feeding the world, more efficiently so humans in some parts of the world do not starve to death – so we use less pesticides causing dead zones off the coasts as the river run-off meets the sea. Think on this.

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