Chicago is going to host Humanities Festival in the first half of this November. The event is not just an entertainment activity but it is focused on some social issue named as” The Body”. It’s all about human body and covers all the related topics of human body “from mummies to robots; abortion to aging; health to dieses, and from steroids to scripture. If you take your Chicago flights you will be assured to be educated here from 3rd to 14th November. The event is actually combination of too many other events that will be holding at different venues throughout the city and most of them will be holding at Hyde Park. Due to some security concerns the exact location is not yet defined.


A number of celebrities are invited as guests to the show. These guests are those who are working against social evils without any cost. They are invited just to tribute their efforts that they are putting without any return. A number of such celebrities will take flights to Chicago and most prominent of them are; Frank Shorter, Olympic gold medalist of  marathon race who have worked very hard to eradicate drugs in sports, poet Thomas Lynch, and Lady Antonia Fraser writing useful material on elimination of social evils related to human body. If you take flights to Chicago you will be educated in a number of subjects of social sciences as a number of experts from other fields of social sciences will also be participating in this show and they include; Poets, artists, policy leaders, psychologists, and historians.


The interesting thing about this show is that it will be educating audiences in an entertaining way.  It will be focusing on social issues in the form of performances; film screenings, artist and author talks, panel discussions, and lectures. All the people taking cheap flights to Chicago will be definitely learning some thing good from this show that will be making it successful in serving the purpose of its holding. Tickets are on sale from the start of the month of September and can be purchased both online and physically located outlet. You will need to submit a credit card number and mailing address for your order to be processed while making online reservation. With its humble beginning n 1990 the show has earned much popularity for the good work it has done during last 20 years. It holds every year in Chicago and captures flights to Chicago from UK and many other venues.

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