Beijing on November 11, according to Associated Press, scientists at the British Academy of Medical Sciences has decided to launch a controversial medical research topics, namely human animal hybrid gene experiments. They will consider how the application of human DNA to animal medical experiments, and determine the controversy, how far medical research, to determine whether human genes can account for what proportion of animals.

In fact, scientists have animal DNA and human DNA exchange of scientific experiments have been carried out for many years. For example, animals with human genes to replace genes, or in vivo cultivation of human organs. However, the British Academy of Medical Sciences of the scientists are hoping to further research by the public about the significance of medical research laboratories, rather than make them feel the study would result in unknown consequences of terror. National Medical Research Institute of stem cell expert Robin – Lowell – Butch is also a member of the subject. Butch said, “This medical research may sound annoying, maybe some controversial. However, it deserves to be studied. This will promote the development of medical science, the future can cure many terrible diseases.”

Butch in the media will be announced at the meeting to introduce people to the main content of this research project. Experimental subjects divided into two categories: the first is implanted in the animal’s genes to change the DNA of human animal genes; second is to use alternative animal gene sequence of human gene sequences. A few years ago, scientists had human genes inserted into the gene to a mouse, and fashioned a “Down syndrome” of the research model. Scientists hope research on the model to find potential treatment. Scientists had also tried to transplant to the human animal training, in order to grow into and then back to the human body, such as have been successfully cultivated in mouse back the human ear. Butch explained that by saying, “In fact, these experiments have many positive implications, although some people may feel uncomfortable.”

Two years ago, British scientists have also announced a human animal hybrid embryo experiments, they plan to implant human genes into cow or rabbit eggs to clone human embryos as a source of stem cells for medical research. This experiment also the United Kingdom has caused widespread controversy. While scientists have repeatedly stated they would test 14 days after the successful destruction of these embryos, but those who do not meet ethical animal hybrid embryo experiments had been subjected to strong criticism from many critics.

According to the research project, the British Academy of Medical Sciences has a goal, that is to judge whether the experiment can be transplanted in the number of human genetic material to animals, what exactly is the limit. Currently, the medical profession on such experimental human gene and animal genes, the proportion of still not a clear standard. The research project manager Martin – Bobo Lao, said, “We are trying to find a reasonable proportion, to develop a clear standard.” The gene for the human animal

hybrid research, many people skeptical and psychological tension. They believe that such experiments could lead to future exchange of humans and animal brain, causing further confusion in social ethics. Independent audit organization “Human Genetics Alert”, David – King that should limit the authority of such experiments. He said, “This is a typical case of the development of scientific advance. If you can not create things that give you a clear view, you should not do such experiments.”

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