Human health is one of the most precious things for life. Therefore, it is cared by all means and tools people have, through making cleanliness and hygiene in food, environment and living. This thing not only keeps clean but also helps to get rid of germs and harmful bacteria, which are called microorganisms causing mostly infections and diseases. However, not every microorganism is a bad and harmful organism.


Except for their sizes, bacteria are quite similar to animals in a way. Just like some animals might be harmful to human beings, thus it is better to stay away from them, some species of bacteria are also dangerous. Yet, like some animals are useful and friendly to humans in many ways, so are some bacteria. In addition, in the same way humans have learned to tame and use animals for their benefit, we have also learned to use bacteria to our advantage.


Aside from the uses of bacteria, their deficiency might as well lead to harmful effects on human health. Scientists have proven through research that killing useful bacteria from the surface of skin can leave the skin less immune to allergies.


The most important role that bacteria play in helping humans and the earth is causing decay. If bacteria did not decompose dead bodies of living things, the leftovers will not be able to be a part of eco system and the whole balance would be disturbed. Let us take a look at some of the useful bacteria and their benefits.


There are countless bacteria present in the human intestine. It is assumed that the amount of bacteria present in an intestine is more than the amount of cells lining the organ. These bacteria play an important role in the digestion of food and also destroy harmful organisms that might enter along with food.


Some bacteria are really helpful for lactose intolerant people as they help in breaking down lactose in the digestive tract.

Lactobacillus and Saccharomyces boulardii are also helpful species of bacteria for children. They help fight diarrhea and also destroy many harmful organisms that might make a child sick.


Bacteria which help in breaking lactose into lactic acid also play a significant role in reducing DNA damage.


Bacteria present on our skin help in fighting allergies and fungi that can cause irritation and infections.


Bacteria present in our stomach help in maintaining the pH level inside the stomach. They are really health-friendly organisms that release useful hormones and vitamins such as vitamin B and K into the body.


These microorganisms are used in the production of antibiotics, wine, vinegar, butanol and organic acids. Other industrial uses of bacteria include tanning of leather and curing of coffee and tea.


Therefore, bacteria which have a bad reputation of being harmful, is something that maintains a healthy balance not just in our body, but in the overall eco-system as well.


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