Ironically, answering this question does not require that one engage in any in-depth biotech scientific research study or become an expert in molecular biology.  Instead, one need only do a quick cost-benefit analysis to see that what’s going on here is that humans are being fed to the life-sucking machines that we know as corporations like livestock feed is being fed to cattle.

Just think about it.  Look at how fast and on how grand a scale agri-biotech companies are adding to the already long list of genetically engineered foods.  Put another way, look at how  corporate engineers are hard at work trying to quickly develop new and improved ways to make humans what are now one of the most prolific sources of genetically modified organisms to walk the earth.

Today, genetic engineering is being pitched as the world’s next savior and the leading solution to world hunger.  Technically speaking, genetic engineering is the transferring of a gene from one plant or non-plant organism to another to rapidly create a genetically modified organism with enhanced desired traits.  For instance, if an engineer wishes to produce a plant that is drought intolerant he can isolate and extract a drought resistant gene from one plant and inject it into another making that plant drought resistant.  Now allegedly, this is supposed to be for the common good as it yields larger crops which allegedly feed more people.  However, what this process really does is yield increased revenue for food producers.

So many may ask what’s so bad about that?  I’ll tell you.  For starters, the human body in its current, unmodified form isn’t wired to accept the transfer.  So, the more we inject the body with genetically engineered DNA, the more the human body fights with all its got to defend itself in an attempt to alert us of the alien intrusion so we can stop it.  Such alerts include food allergies, like celiac disease, asthma, hypertension, and other deadly diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Meanwhile, GM food producers need for us to continue to feed its bottomless pit of revenue so they diligently work overtime to come up with new ways to modify the profit-making organisms, humans, so that we continue to feed it.  Then, to our demise, like in lab studies, this will persist until there is either a breakthrough or until the genetic transfer is accepted by the host even if it kills us, which in many instances has already happened.

Suffice it to say that this capitalist agenda is monetarily rather than ethically-based.  Meanwhile, the revolving door of our federal government that allows corporate stakeholders to head federal regulatory agencies and create policy continues to spin and feed the gluttonous beast.  So again the question is asked, are humans being genetically modified?

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